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Delivers a demonstrated ability to successfully compete with the technical and managerial breadth of larger organizations, while providing the personal service of a small business.
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Mechanical Engineering

HVAC systems
Exhaust systems
Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems
Hydronic generation & distribution
Laboratory & pressure controls
Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Low voltage power distribution design
Emergency generation and transfer design
Fire detection and fire alarm system design
Interior/Exterior lighting design
Lighting control design

Plumbing Design

Domestic cold & hot water systems
Medical gas piping
Domestic waste & vent systems
Natural gas piping systems
Roof drain and piping systems

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture (MHOA) has been working with AYS since 2008 and has completed nearly 100 projects thus far. MHOA continually challenges AYS by stretching architectural design boundaries thereby pushing the MEP envelope. Consequently, their experience and common sense is exceptionally valuable when the envelope needs to be reigned back in for constructability or cost constraints. AYS is a highly talented Engineering group and we look forward to many more years of working together.

Mr. Michael Hsu

AIA, IIDA Principal Architect, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Tacala is the largest Taco Bell Franchisee in the US, which owns and operates more than 260 Taco Bells in the US. We began working with AYS Engineering in 2011 for our Texas development and have worked together to optimize the MEP systems for all new and renovated restaurants. We operate our restaurants on a long term basis, so good designs that factor in “Total Cost of Ownership” is very important to us. We prioritize longevity, durability, performance, energy, maintenance and operating costs for our restaurants. AYS has helped us meet and exceed these goals.

Mr. Dwayne Kostiha

Vice President of Ops Services, TACALA Austin

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